I'm a passionate, crazy and devoted author, writer, and artist. I'm part Australian and part German. Currently I live in Germany. I'm a mother of a beautiful son. Four cats roam my flat with my partner and me. They all inspire me greatly with their love, presence, and affection.

I graduated in German literature and old history at the university of Bonn and did a PhD in Scandinavian studies, too.

I worked ten years of my life as an event manager. I organised big events with lots of staff, music, and lovely catering. In that time I learned to really focus on the important things, worked on time management, and succeeded in making my customers happy. It also helped me with marketing. The most beautiful part: I had to design awesome stories for some of these events to be played.

My last job, before becoming a full time author, was as a social media manager and e-learning teacher. Thus giving me the skill to fine-tune marketing and living my second passion: teaching.

My first passion has always been writing. As early as 13 did I write my first novel and the love for fantasy literature stayed with me all that time.

I prefer writing fantasy literature, poetry, and short stories.

I offer coaching and workshops for young authors to intensify their knowledge on book writing. I also help people to untangle from other creative blocks.